Romiel Cañete

Romiel Cañete

Romiel H. Cañete, 24 years old and a resident of Brgy. Old Balara, Quezon City. He is the first child among 7 children of a vendor. He was able to take up the course Industrial Engineering at the Quezon City Polytechnic University but was not able to graduate.

Caňete was an active member of the organization Anakbayan and was a brave activist who focused on the protection of the urban poor. He was frequently part of the struggle against any demolitions in urban poor communities.

He is currently charged with Illegal Possession of Firearms and Ammunition, Illegal Possession of Explosives and Violation of Omnibus Election Code category P and Q. Caňete is currently a political detainee at the Batangas Provincial Jail for 1 year and 8 months already.

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