New Bilibid Prison – Medium Security Compound

Political Prisoners(PPs) incarcerated in this compound are supposed to be prisoners whose sentence are short or they have already stayed for a number of years in another jail  serving their sentence and so will be staying in this compound for a shorter period. Most of these prisoners are alleged members of the New People’s Army but had been slapped with trumped-up charges, criminal in nature, losing the political nature of their  case. It is real injustice to them. This is done by the government to hide from the fact there are political prisoners After it has repeatedly said there are no political prisoners in the country.

The Medium Security  Compound is within the NBP complex. Prisoners housed in separate buildings. Usually the buildings and cells are poorly ventilated. Inmates complain of being cramped placed in one cell with too many inmates. Political prisoners are not separated from the rest of the prisoners with common crimes. They are distributed in different cells and brigades.

Edwin Borbe

Christian Espenilla

Jonathan Josmafaran

Ronald Lucero

Pedro Lumantas

Eddie Macandog

Reynaldo Mahinay

Jose Navarro

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