Adopt A Political Prisoner

Adopt a Political Prisoner’s Project is one very concrete and effective way to help our campaign to release PPs and help PPs in many ways while in prison. SELDA will coordinate the project. Because PPs are all over the Philippines, SELDA has made suggested groupings of PPs that your area, organization, individual can adopt. This is to make sure all the PPs will share the attention of the campaign and not just a few known ones.

What to do:

  • From the suggested prison/jail or groups of PPs your organization will adopt, choose from the list of pps and their profiles provided whom to adopt. It can be one or two, three or the whole group.
  • As an adaptor, the following are things you could do:
    • Write or fax letters, send postcards addressed to Office of the President, Department of Justice and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa for the release of the particular prisoner and of all PPs through a general, unconditional and omnibus amnesty.
    • Join campaign activities, forum, discussions, Senate/HOR lobbying on matters pertaining to PPs.
    • For the elderly. Sick, women, longtime prisoners, appeal for their release through recognizance  or humanitarian reasons
    • Write a letter of support to the particular pp relaying your effort to campaign for their like release. Course it to SELDA.
    • Visit them if you can or send them material, financial support for their needs in prison and for the needs of their families. You can course it through SELDA if you cannot visit yourself.
  • Adopt a PPs child scholar.  From the list of PPs and their profiles you can determine the child scholar to adopt.  It ranges from elementary, high school and college.
    • Elementary                 – P 4,000.00 or  $100.00 per year
    • High School                 – P 10,000.00 or $ 250.00 Per year
    • College                         – P 20,000.00 or $ 500.00 per year
  • Help pps and their families in their livelihood projects.  These projects are important so they won’t be idle, will be productive and able to generate funds for self-reliance. Monetary contribution to start projects and helping sell pps products.

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