Edgardo Lingan

Edgardo Lingan

50 years old from Purok Maysan Rd, Valenzuela, Metro Manila. He was a factory worker and work as driver and was very active in the worker’s struggle.  He became a union organizer from 1983 to  86 and later to become a political activist.  He used to join pickets and  rallies during ML years and was very active  in cultural work among the workers. From the picket lines he later found  himself deep in the underground struggle of the workers. He was arrested on June 8, 1994 at Valenzuela City facing criminal charges of kidnapping for ransom. Sentenced with death penalty but later lifted  to become  Reclusion Perpetua. Has been. He has  been languishing in jail for 18 years and hope to be granted clemency.

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