Edwin Borbe

Edwin Borbe

I am Edwin Borbe, born on October 9, 1973, from Bagotongki, Malinao, Albay. I am married to Lilibeth Borbe and we have  six children, namely, Erwin-18 4th year HS, Emilyn- 16 4rth year HS,  Edwin- 14 2nd year HS, Kimberle- 10- special child(lame), Eugene-5 Grade 1 and  and Ella- 6months old. I am asking for your help, my wife has no job and I am currently in jail, alleged member of the New People’s Army charged with criminal case of Homicide and sentenced for 10-17 years imprisonment. 3 of my cases had already  been dismissed. I am a humble farmer who has been arrested on March 27, 2007. I have been incarcerated at Tabaco City Jail and my case was heard at Branch 15. Later convicted  and sent to  Medium Security Compound at New Bilibid Prison.

Since my incarceration, my family had been left with my in-laws helping them to make both ends meet. Me and my family wish you could somehow help us especially in the education of my children.

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