Jonathan Josmafaran

Jonathan Josmafaran

Jonathan Josmafaran, 29 years old, born on November 14, 1972, single and hails from Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental. He is a farmer and an alleged member of the New People’s Army (NPA). Due to this said allegation, he has been arrested on October 29, 2000 in Sitio Kawayan, Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental. He was charged with the Illegal Possession of Firearms and was tried at Branch 61, Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental. While in the custody of the authorites, Josmafaran was tortured various times. This said torture involved Josmafaran being butt stroked in the chest and in the back with an armalite, up until now he complains of  terrible pain in those said regions of his body.

Aside from this he has also been coughing, a problem that he is experiencing for a very long time already. The congested cells, the hot weather, the poor ventilation and the inadequate food serving might have been the cause of Josmafaran’s current health problem. With the symptoms he is exhibiting, one can deduce that he might have Tuberculosis (TB). However, not much attention has been given to his health condition and so we may never find out what his real illness is and if he really does have an illness, then getting him treated will be another problem.

In addition to the various health problems that Josmafaran is complaining about, another problem he faces is a family related one. Due to the fact that he is very far from his home, Josmafaran has not been visited by any of his relative. He does not know where his relatives are, even his father who is lame and his mother who is  blind, and so therefore he has no way of contacting them. The distance of Muntinlupa from Negros Occidental and the lack of money have made it impossible for Josmafaran’s family and relatives to come and visit him. He has been in prison for 12 long years and he has no one to rely on except his fellow inmates.

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