Juvelyn Tawa-ay

Jevelyn Tawa-ay

Juvelyn Tawa-ay: A 26 year old, single, woman of the Manobo Tribe from the hinterlands of Surigao del Sur. Suspected of being an NPA because their family live in a supposedly NPA infested area.

Arrested and charged with rebellion. During hearings, was advised by her PAO (Public Attorney’s Office) lawyer to just admit being an NPA as this will be the “fastest and shortest” way to gain release. Not aware of the implications, she followed the advice of her lawyer.  Convicted to suffer in jail for 12-14 years.  She has spent 4 years in jail.

Presently incarcerated at the CIW (Correctional Institution for Women). Not usually visited by family and relatives because of distance. She feels she is unjustly detained and hopes clemency will be given her in due time.

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