2 comments on “Injured UP prof found in police custody in Davao Oriental

  1. It’s scary to antagonize the military, with their long list of human violations. If you’re alone with the military, the best you can do to stay alive is following what they want you to do. Knowing Kim, who grew up to be gentle with his family, neighbors, friends, teachers, and classmates, it is not difficult to believe that he was in great fear while in the hands of the military. That is the very reason perhaps why Kim was making up answers that will delight the military, knowing that antagonizing the armed dogs will certainly hurt him to brutal death. Kim is in a terrifying situation now, and he desperately needs the support from all his friends, colleagues, teachers, professors, and neighbors whom he had come across with. Writing and posting all over social media will surely give Kim more strength to fight against his government-inflicted ordeal now. Please made it known to the whole world that he is not the evil which the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Government painted him to be. Let us show to our students, professionals, scientists, and the Filipino people that we will never tolerate that the Philippine government will just bastardize those who sacrificed turning their backs on much better opportunities and selflessly served the Filipino people. Please spread this appeal through your facebook wall, blogsite, or in all social media sites you are in.

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